Are you ready for the FA Girls Football Week?

Football may be considered a predominantly male sport, but females are set to take centre stage when the FA Girls Football Week comes around. Here are all the important details.

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When is it?

The FA Girls Football Week is set to take place this year between 16 July and 6 August. Last year, a record 130,000 females took part, and this year is expected to attract an even greater amount of interest.

What’s it all about?

The FA Girls Football Week is primarily aimed at encouraging females to take up football. Traditionally considered a sport for the boys, organisers want to dispel this myth and encourage girls to reap the benefits and enjoyment that football brings.

According to FA Girls Football Week, by encouraging more girls to play football, this national campaign is aiming to double the number of females playing football by 2020. The event will also support the Lionesses’ Euro campaign and coincides with England’s involvement in Euro 2017.

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Taking part

It is easy for girls to take part in the FA Girls Football Week. Choosing football team kits from reputable suppliers such as ensures you are dressed for the part. The next step is to find an activity taking place near you.

You can see what football events for girls are available during the designated week by visiting the FA Girls Football Week website. Once you enter your postcode, you can then select an activity near you.

Female players of every level are welcome to take part, and those who have never kicked a ball before are especially encouraged. Whether you choose to play a game of football or learn some training techniques, the event should help inspire an interest in females to get fit, enjoy the sport and bring female football to the fore. In addition to the physical benefits associated with playing sport, females can also reap the social benefits, where playing a team sport can foster new friendships and build self-esteem and confidence.

Organisers of football events for girls can register these activities on the FA Girls Football Week website, or those wanting to offer something fresh can start a new event. Advice is available on the website to ensure that health and safety procedures are followed so that all activities are provided in a fun yet safe environment.

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