The best romantic film

In this world everything is so tough ad hard and people are fighting day by day to earn money and to live their lives in peace but everyone knows the situation which is going on in the whole world. People are frustrated and tired and they want to have some fun and entertainment. Different people like different kinds of entertainment but one thing that is common for all of them is watching films. Films also have different categories like adventure, action, horror and suspense but one thing that every one love is watching romantic films. People love to watch films with light and simple stories where there is no big drama or sad endings, films which are full of fun, romance and comedy. The best example of such films is la la land.

La la land is a romantic musical comedy based on two people who are fighting to make their way in the artistic world but in different fields. This is an American based film and has been recently released in 2016. This film has been written and directed by Damien Chazelle.  Ryan gosling is the hero of the film, playing the role of a very talented but struggling musician. The female character of the film is a. theater actress who is also trying very hard to get an acting job in theater; the role has been played by Emma stone.  The title of the film is describing the most beautiful city of America which is Los Angeles.

La La Land got critical approval and was considerd as one of the best films of 2016. Critics admired screenplay and direction of Chazelle’s . The performance of the cast of the film was also liked very much by the industry as well as the public. Film’s music won in every category it was nominated for at the 74th Golden Globe Awards, with a record-breaking seven wins, and received 11 nominations at the 70th British Academy Film Awards, winning five.

The film starts from a scene on the road where both main actors of the film meet with each other but not in a good way. They fought for going before the other one because both were being late for the job. The film has shown how passionate these both artists are but they are way out of real world. They live in their own fantasies when it comes to their talent but the world want something else from them and that is the reason why they haven’t got any success in their carriers. They both meet again in a restaurant where Sebastian the male character of the film was working as a pianist but he gets fired because he was not playing what he was asked to play.

Their relation goes on with the struggle but after sometime they both get success in showing their talent as they both want to but in fighting of maintaining the carrier they start neglecting each other and that makes them to separate their ways. This film is full of passion, art, music and love. It is newly released film and is not available on many websites, those on which it is available does not have best print. To watch this film is best picture and sound quality you can check out putlocker.

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